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Posted by Mike Moyes - 04 July 11, 11:01
Making Stonebridge Road Ship Shape For The New Season

Graham McQueen, Chris Pilkinton, club staff and a number of volunteers have spent the Summer doing all the necessary maintenance and painting work to ensure the ground is safe and spick & span for the new season. There will be more on this in the next few days.

However there is one major job still to do and that is the annual cull of weeds that seem to find their way into every nook and cranny at the ground.

This is a big job for a few but as the Chinese Proverb goes “many hands make light work”

Can you spare the odd hour or two on the 9th/10th July?


Anytime after 8.00 am on either or both of the Saturday and Sunday.


Stonebridge Road - Home of the Fleet

What do I need to Bring?    

Any appropriate weed culling tools (scythes, secateurs, forks, spades etc.).

A hug from Graham if you can bring a petrol driven strimmer – there is no convenient power supply for the electric variety.

A hug from Jessica if you can bring a petrol driven shredder.

What do I wear?                                           

Old gardening clothes and a pair of gloves.

What qualifications do I need?      


What do I leave at home?               

The site will be a dangerous place for young children we are afraid.

What are the Benefits?                   

You will get a BIG thank you and green fingers.

What to do now?

All we need is for you to turn up on the day(s) but it would help if you could let us know if you expect to attend and/or have access to specialist equipment/tools (petrol strimmer/shredder etc.) we could borrow.

Please email [email protected]


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