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Posted by Mike Moyes - 07 June 11, 16:00
Gravesend and Northfleet FC Sporting Images Book

Paul Harrison the author of Gravesend & Northfleet Sporting Images book is after your help...

I have been asked by the publishers of the Gravesend & Northfleet sporting images book to update it and after discussion with them have agreed to publish under the Ebbsfleet United title.
They require the manuscript by the end of August with a publication date of February 2012.

Obviously much has changed in the five years since the original book - change of name, myfc, wembley, relegation, promotion etc etc and I am looking for suggestions and material to go into it.

The agreement is 50% new material and 50% from the original book. As with that one most of the profits will go to MyFC and Fleet Trust.

If you feel you have any contribution to make by way of old postcards or photos please contact me directly at [email protected] and I will get back to you.

Paul Harrison

P.S I am particularly looking for old photos that were not in the Golden Jubilee Book(1996)or the Sporting Images one of 2006.

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