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Posted by Mike Moyes - 09 May 11, 15:31
Bucket Collection Exceeds Expectations!

The bucket collection that was done at the Chelmsford match raised a massive....

£1029.26 and with other single donations and standing orders in place, brings the total fund to just over £8000.

This is in addition to the funds being raised by MyFC members in a parallel scheme they are promoting.

Thank You Fleet Fans For Making A Difference

As chair of the Fleet Trust I would like to thank each and every person who has donated towards the Players. S.O.S fund.

The enthusiasm from the trust members driving this initiative has been infectious and they have encouraged many supporters to contribute.

The bucket collection held Sunday was magnificent and brings our current total to over £8k. I honestly cannot see any reason why we should not top the£10k mark. Liam and the team have done us proud this season and regardless of what happens next Sunday, I am sure we would wish to keep them togetherfor next season.

This money will make a difference.

My thanks go to Emily Connolly, Sandra Saunders, Steve Miles, Steve East and Alan Mitchell for their collective push, which has made this such a success.

Graham McQueen
Fleet Trust Chairman

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