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Posted by Mike Moyes - 16 April 11, 20:30
Results of the Fans Questionnaire

We received a total of 141 responses. Everyone answered the questions about how often they visit Stonebridge Road and willingness to play into the Fans Players Fund but the other questions had lower response rates. All comments have been reported as they were entered onto the forms!

Fans Players Fund

Would you consider committing a £1 a week into a Fans Players Funds: -

  • Yes – 74% (104) and of these 94% attend more than 5 times a season
  •   Maybe – 17% (24) and of these 96% attend more than 5 times a season
  • No – 9% (13) and of these 77% attend more than 5 times a season


Ticket Price

Would a £1 increase on admission stop you from attending games (135 responses): -
  • Yes – 30% (40)
  • No – 70% (95)



  • Concession price increase would be 40% (indicated would stop them attending)
  • Concession to £6 is enough (indicated would stop them attending)


Ground catering

How would you rate the overall quality and value for money of the catering since the club took over at the ground (118 responses): -

  • Good – 50% (59)
  • Average – 48% (57)
  • Poor – 2% (2)



  • Have a separate counter for tea/coffee only
  • Make it possible to buy hot drinks separately
  • I think the food has been much better this season
  • Separate tea and coffee facility
  • Please keep prices as they are.  Just right at the moment.  Not cheapest but not enough to put me off
  • Area away from counter for sugar, milk etc.
  • Not bad bit more variety needed, better chips and Bovril getting watery
  • Best in BSS
  • Carry on the quality we have
  • More variety of hot food particularly at the food hut next to the main stand
  • Better organised staff as very slow.  Separate drinks/chocolate kiosk
  • Good compared with other BSS grounds
  • Wait too long for drink, need separate counter for drinks only
  • Varied quality at times, sometimes run out very early.  Some days not even vinegar for chips.  Value for money very average but much better than the old contractor so a move forward.  Just need to be a bit more consistent
  • Runs out of food quite a bit, more variety
  • Move sugar and milk to separate table, larger unit required
  • More selling points
  • Make it bigger, better layout
  • Greater option than burger and chips.  Worth advertising in the social club or just after the turnstiles.  Perhaps also have specials that rotate from game to game and give greater variety
  • There needs to be a better system of serving drinks at half time, presently it can take up to 10 minutes to be served with a drink.  People want drinks so have a tray each of coffee/tea/chocolate etc. ready for the half time whistle.  I think the serving of rice and chilli, baked potatoes etc. is excellent
  • Relocate Stonebridge side tea stall away from terracing, turn the main stand outlet around so it is facing away from the pitch.  Both could be more user friendly for tea/coffee facilities, kept tidier/cleaner, pricing more obvious but overall not bad for a BSS club
  • Good – perhaps something a bit more adventurous in the bar – shepherds pie and beans, sausage and “smash”, pie ad mash – easy to produce and can be kept warm for good periods as long as hygiene care is taken
  • Keep up the good quality of sausage rolls, pies, pasties, chilli and curry available at the geek corner food emporium.... always goes down well with my crowd
  • Would be willing to pay more for decent coffee – cappuccino or latte!!
  • Quality is good, value for money not the best.  Offer a meal deal – drinks, chips, burger at a slightly reduced price.  Rewards scheme – buy 4 and 5th is free etc. and/or specials for away fans?  Add food menus to the program – discount voucher in the program – maybe sell more programs?  10% off or free coffee or whatever works financially
  • As Needham Market – clean and with uniforms
  • Meal deals
  • The quality of the food cooked in the burger bar on the main road side of the ground is not good enough.  Basically the burgers need to be cooked properly so employ someone who ensures quality is good
  • Stop running out of foodstuffs and drinks e.g. Bovril.  When the items have run out before half time it's not good and definitely looks very tin pot to away supporters.  Do we do jacket potatoes?  If not pre boiled, microwave, filling and bobs your uncle easy money
  • More vegetarian options and more outlets
  • Have the same menus at both outlets with pizzas


Social club

Social club suggestions

  • More and better furniture
  • Add a real ale pump
  •  Hold a race/quiz night
  • Real ales – if not by handpump then polypins ordered in for each home game
  • Don't use it due to time not quality of beer
  • More evenings down at the club e.g. quiz night etc. to bring in extra revenue
  • Lick of paint and more photos of the club and former players
  • Not sure – always feels a bit crowded at bar but otherwise fine
  • After match entertainment, meals maybe
  • Always courteous service
  • Bigger social club
  • Nice to have a bigger club with more functions to invite couples.  Better toilets preferably inside for females
  • When derby games (Dartford etc. with big crowds) put a bottle bar outside bar to save queues and will sell more.  Still use plastic cups!!
  • Carry on as of this season
  • More food in bar area
  • Create better atmosphere by perhaps showing DVD of FA Trophy win
  • Quiz machine
  • Staff poor and not consistent in who/how they serve.  Bigger TVs to attract people after the match
  • Various theme nights St Georges etc, quizzes, murder mystery nights with food.  Family fun day during closed season.  I think we all know the ground and clubhouse needs bringing into the 21st century but that will cost a lot of money!
  • Make the bar area colourful and more memorabilia as it is a supporters club
  • More tables
  • Annual dinner/disco to raise funds.  Guest ales.  Players in bar after game/meet the players events.  Supporters football match/supporters v Fleet.
  • Hard to see given the limitation of our location what more can be done.  Try special offer days with the beer supplier – they provide the subsidy!
  • Better queuing system at the bar to allow quicker service (particularly at half time).  Move the seating opposite the bar to further down the club which could help congestion as it can often be a struggle to get inside when there is actually loads of space available.  Better choice of beer on offer than just lager and cider (Gravesend Shrimpers or other local brews?).  If this is not possible to keep ale for long times at the pub then possibly have a beer festival on after a match day?  Clearer signs of what is available at the ground
  • More staff as sometimes it is impossible to buy a pint at half time
  • Larger TVs so that I don't have to stand with my face 2 inches from the screen to see it. Not much you can do with the bar as it currently stands, other than to continue to provide reasonable beer and efficient service
  • Drinks promotions?
  • Try to encourage events locally which are family friendly (match day or otherwise)
  • Race nights, quiz nights, look to hire the ground outside of the season (I did it once many years ago for an evening game between my company and a rival company and we had a great night – plus spent plenty in the bar!!)
  • The match day experience has improved this season with the bar being open longer and TVs are better
  • Advertise events better and a lot earlier, organise events a lot better.  I gave up my time to do a karaoke at Stonebridge road, on one of the family days.   I came down to the ground early Saturday morning with my equipment. The staff had things to do, so I was asked to set my gear up later.  I was willing to miss the second half of the game to set up, but was informed that we were not allowed in the bar while a game being played.  If we had been drinking or socialising ok, but setting up our gear??  So by the time we had set up our equipment (getting in everyone’s way) a lot of customers had left.  If we could have started the music straight away, maybe more money could have been raised.  Use the pitch in the summer; maybe hold a concert, someone in MYFC must have the know how and contacts
  • More real ales
  • Disappointed that not all fans post match have access to seeing, chatting to players and management re the introduction of new Fleet Lounge this season.  Bar empties very quickly now

Ways to improve the match day experience

  • Play here come the fleet
  • Improved toilet facilities
  • Stop bad language on the terraces
  • Half time scores from other games
  • More information about forthcoming fixtures
  • Win more games!!
  • PA volume when playing music should be reduced.  Have to shout to have a conversation
  • Place a teams/player list on the inside of the office patio door so people can see the team changes, also may cut down on the number of sheets issued
  • Better music and enthusiastic announcements
  • Try to bring in different clubs from around Gravesend and surrounding area to showcase talent before game and at half time e.g. cheerleading show at half time
  • Win every game!!
  • Entertainment/competition prior to pre match exercise or half time (the longer people are here the more money they spend)
  • Bring back cheer here come the fleet
  • Do not mix away fans with home fans
  • Ok as it is
  • Win
  • Advertise more for support and announce away trips via minibus if available
  • Vary the music, have fans volunteer to be DJ
  • Invite back some of the old retired players as guests for the day
  • Give other scores at half time
  • Stop playing that bloody music so loud
  • Scores at half time
  • Very difficult to improve without restaurant facilities, maybe a cold finger buffet post match in the fleet lounge would go down well and vary from curry, chilli and soup
  • Would like to see cheerleaders
  • More programmes Stonebridge Road end
  • More seats
  • Stop the really bad guys who use obscene language behind the goal.  'Fs' ok 'Cs' not!!!
  • More control over crowd members shouting abuse (usually at our players!!!!)
  • Have a team of players providing exciting football more often.  No matter what else is provided people come to watch football.  The continual use of the long ball has spoilt most of the games I have watched at Stonebridge Road this season (I have seen all but three home games and some away games).  I believe that the long ball policy is that of Liam and the players he picks are for this type of play, as it has been for a number of years.  Is it time for Liam to change? Or for the club to look for a new gaffer?  Today’s game against Bishop Stortford showed that when the ball was played on the ground the team was more likely to have shots on target
  • Make season ticket sales a priority.  Find a way for investment to take place with control over the club.  I’d bring my family if there was something for them. Wives don’t always like footie, but mine would stand it for a NICE seat and a bit of mingling with the big wigs!  Do you think of family tickets???  Offer a randomly selected fan the opportunity every game to experience the board or managers afternoon/evening – or better, the whole day. They can do anything – lounge work, pitch, organising programs sales – looking after VIPs – anything
  • Programme sellers more visible, don't seem to see them on my way into the ground
  • Limited due to state/nature of ground.  Would love a clubhouse and toilets but I don't suppose anyone has any cash for that!
  • Change the music please – what happened to the deal with HMV at Bluewater?  Some pre match and half time entertainment would be good.  Let the under 14 kids in for nothing, mine are older but if there is no cost you may attract some adults to bring their kids in
  • Get the clock/timer working properly, more events at half time.  Do another free game? Ala Swindon Supermarine
  • Half time entertainment
  • More kids for a quid/family type promotions
  • Improvement
  • Ask how many fans would like to rent their seat for the season, i.e. £20/£30 a season. Label the reserved seats that way more fans may use the bar rather than going to the stand to sit in their preferred seats before the game
  • Better music, schools teams playing before main match
  • Roof for main stand toilets, a coat of paint to all stands, fly the flags, bring back our anthem here come the fleet, bangla band and cheerleaders
  • Have some sort of entertainment rather than just sitting there and getting your ears blasted out with high music and unable to chat to friends
  • Improve the awful PA system, change announcer to someone more professional, start giving the half time scores for all levels of football available
  • Cross bar challenge
  • Half time/pre-match on pitch entertainment
  • Better sound system


Other comments

  • £1 a week now is too late for next season.  A bucket on the gate for the last 3 games might help
  • Market the club better with more awareness in the community
  • Tarmac the car park at the Swanscombe end to get money for the club
  • MyFC if they cannot fund the club at this level must actively seek those that can and make it public knowledge
  • More publicity for reserve and youth games
  • Better funded owners or dilute MyFC shares with option for supporters to own
  • Get into more local schools
  • Advertise further afield, Ashford have folded, Sittingbourne just hanging on, Maidstone not doing well.  Try to attract that support
  • Would pay £10 per month direct to club as replacement to MyFC
  • When the Fleet went full time a few years back it was stated that a crowd of 1500 would be needed to maintain the club.  It is no different today.  With the average crowd below 1000 I believe a radical change in direction is required.  A change in team management would be a good start.  As good as the present management has been, particularly in the youth work, it has failed to bring special football to Stonebridge Road.  The Fleet’s position in the league is probably down to the fact that most other teams are not very good, rather than the Fleet being above average.  With a interesting team to watch it would be hoped that people would want to come and see games, this brings in income, which in turn can be used to strengthen the squad and begin development of Stonebridge Road.  The last ten minutes of today's game was exciting because chances of scoring were possible.  This is needed for longer periods
  • Get season ticket sales up.  That will get money up front and get bums on seats. Bums on seats provides for program, food, drink, kit and other sales.  If some has a ticket they’ll attend.  If they buy each week, like I have, they may not attend.  I am sorry, but why pay £50 a year to MyFC when I can use that towards a season ticket?  I am really worried for the club.  MyFC – a great idea in principle but it actually must discourage investment – who would put say £50k into a club and have no control over it???
  • Improvement to the match day experience is taken care of once we give Liam the tools to do his job.  His considerable management skills give us a great platform to be at the top of the non-league ladder.  ‘Community’ at the Fleet is a strong point.  The PASE set-up, ideas at connecting with wider community (schools etc.) are really well executed.  Thankfully there is a ‘hardcore’ always willing to contribute to ideas like the Player’s Fund.  The club though should never be shy in highlighting the true realities of the financial situation to these fans.
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