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Posted by Jessica McQueen - 22 March 10, 10:15
Car Booty

IT would seem that we are constantly under pressure of one sort or another to come forward with money, for a project, wages, new toilets, you are all aware the list seems endless.

Yesterday (Sunday 21 March) a few of us decided to take a stall at a Boot Fair. Ebbsfleet International Station car-park is a brand new venue, with loads of advantages, namely, the sale is not held in the middle of a muddy field and parking of course for the punters ceases to be a problem.

OK you have to get up pretty early, but it was a fairly good day, so not much of a problem.  In about four and a half hours we sold £305.00 worth of items. I am endlessly surprised by the things that people buy, but eternally grateful that they do.

We have decided to have a stall once a month and would hope that we can be as successful every month. We all asked friend and family for donations towards the booty and a couple of local supporters chipped in as well.

Maybe we should organise a massive, boot fair marathon! Try and see how many of us could be at boot fairs across the country, making money on the same day.  This would mean that we did not have to endlessly put our collective hands in our pockets.  The math is easy, 300 boot fairs, hopefully earning an average of £300.00, would be brilliant.