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Posted by Brian Glover - 14 Febuary 10, 18:00
Latest News from the Club

Latest news from the club

“Charles & Crooks Fantastic” – Martin Foyle York City Manager


This quote from the York City Manager sums up what the Fleet fans know already as Moses Ashikodi fires in the goal that gives the Fleet

another great win inflicting the first defeat in 11 league games  on the promotion-chasing Minstermen. This was a magnificent

and well deserved battling win which left Clint Easton with a suspected fracture of to his eye socket & cheekbone and Dean Pooley needing

two stitches to a head wound courtesy of the elbows of Michael Rankine and the red carded Richard Brodie respectively.


Full match report here – www.ebbsfleetunited.co.uk . Post match interview with Martin Foyle here – www.bbc.co.uk


Clint Easton – Best Wishes and a Speedy Recovery


Clint is likely to be out of action for some time and Fleet News will keep you up dated on his progress. If you want to send your best wishes to

Clint you can post it on the Fans Forum here – Best Wishes to Clint . Alternatively send your message by replying to this email and we will make

sure it is passed to Clint.




Date for your Diary – Fleet Forum in the Fleet Club Bar Thursday 18th February at 7.30 pm


Time for answers - Daish wants fans to flood forum for full article click hereGravesend Reporter




Thanks from Liam for Fans Support


Thanks to all the fans for their email messages of encouragement and support via the Fleet News following our great win at Luton.


I do not underestimate the difference support from you, the committed fans, makes. I really believe there’s enough determination within

myself and the players that we will stay up. It's going to be close and there's going to be a few more disappointments along the line but

having you as our twelfth man makes a difference.


Thanks again from me and all the playing/coaching staff.







Did £13 make a Difference?


The 2 game trial of returning to a £13 admission price came to an end at yesterday’s game. 


What do you think?  Did a lot of the old faces return? Was there a feel good factor created by the reduced price?


It is impossible to make a true judgement just in terms of attendance figures – for example we had a good gate yesterday but in addition to the price factor, 

none of Dartford, Charlton or Gillingham were playing at home and York bought well over 200 fans.


In terms of cash the club have potentially lucrative games coming up, in particular Luton who are expected to bring a 1000 fans – reducing the gate price

by £2 will cost money unless enough fans return. Cash is “King” at the moment with the clubs current difficult cash flow situation.


There are savings all fans can make through the £2 vouchers and, with 5 games left, a 5 match mini season ticket at £11 per game (£5.50 for concessions). However fans many see the

voucher as a nuisance and not everyone can afford £55 up front (£27.50  for concessions) or will not be attending all 5 games.


Whatever the rights and wrongs of the original decision at the beginning of the season we are where we are.


What do you think?


Reply to this email with your views.


Fleet News doesn’t represent either the Club Board or MyFC but your views will be passed on. These will be taken on board when the 2 game trial

is reviewed. The above points are an attempt to give the bigger picture.




Date for your Diary – Fleet Forum in the Fleet Club Bar Thursday 18th February at 7.30 pm


Time for answers - Daish wants fans to flood forum for full article click hereGravesend Reporter




£2000 Raised by MyFC Pledge to fund Marketing Mailshots


Thanks to Paul Charnock (Arithon on MyFC) over £2000 of individual £20 pledges has been raised to fund marketing mailshots to the missing

Wembley fans. This should fund a series of three mailshots to 1400 Wembley fans to encourage the “missing” locals to come back to  the Fleet.





Trust Transfer Funds to Support the Club – Jessica


The Fleet Trust presented cheques totalling £568 to the Club this week which included £345 raised through the Goalden Gate Lottery.

This honours the Trust’s commitment to support the clubs difficult cashflow by transferring money on a weekly basis as funds are raised.

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