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Posted by Ian Dickety - 24 January 10, 20:20
Trust statement: Transfer of funds

All Fleet fans reading this must be aware, albeit perhaps not of specifics, but certainly in general, of the tight financial position the Club finds itself in at present, as a result of the decline in MyFCs membership and the falling home attendances of late. Furthermore, with the danger of further drops in the former when renewals for most come around next month, and, despite a great improvement in form over the last couple of months, relegation remaining a distinct threat, these problems may well soon become even more marked.

In light of this, whereas previously money earned for the Club by the Fleet Trust was predominantly saved and transferred over at a later date as and when required for specific projects, the Trust committee has proposed and agreed to directly pass on all money it makes for the Club from now on on a weekly basis. It has also been agreed that these amounts should be published weekly, so fans can see directly the immediate benefits that their purchasing of golden goal and Christmas Draw tickets, paying for Trust membership and support of any other Trust activities will bring to the Club. Furthermore, anyone who would like to donate one-off amounts through the Trust can do so either in the Club shop or Trust hut, and these will be included in the weekly total.

In these trying times, the Club needs and values your support more than ever. It’s your Club; moments like yesterday’s joyous last-minute winner should provide all the motivation fans need to do what they can to sustain it, and your Trust intends to do all it can to help facilitate this.
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