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Posted by Ian Dickety - 02 January 10, 21:00
One Member, One Ticket - Boxing Day Special

A Result in More Ways Than One

58 Season Ticket holders bought a friend to the Boxing Day game using the "Free" tickets donated by MyFC members. Thanks to their generosity this has added £870 to the gate receipts in addition to bringing extra spend on programmes, refreshments and in the bar.

On the back of this, the extra publicity in the Gravesend Reporter bought in a record number of Discount Vouchers for any one game - 90 in total.  Apart from the vouchers from the Reporter these numbers include vouchers distributed through local pubs and a mass mailer hand delivered by members of BOSS to parts of the Painters Ash, Northfleet & Riverview Park areas.

As for the game - the 2-1 win encouraged by the holiday crowd moved the club above Grays in our fight to move out of the relegation zone. Also a special mention must be made of the loyal fans in the Stonebridge Road End who gave the team continuous vocal support for the whole 90 minutes.

The One Member, One Ticket Scheme has three more initiatives lined up. Lawn & Ifield Schools and Real Gima Junior Football Club. If you have any ideas for further initiatives you would want to fund please post on this thread here - http://members.myfootballclub.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=583028 (MyFC members only).


"Thank you for your fantastic offer

I am always trying to promote the image of our club and this initiative is I hope going to bring in new supporters, and also that they will go away and talk about our club in a positive way. I hope in turn this increases membership of MYFC, and help to bring back those supporters who have drifted away.

An atmosphere is a way of raising the players’ morale and with a big crowd we can build on our recent few results and turn upward and onward

Thanks for all that is being down behind the scenes at the Fleet"

"Good marketing initiative...YES"

"Excellent idea, "Compliments of the Season Ticket"

"A fantastic idea that I fully support , however what of those supporters like myself who at the start of the season could not afford a full season ticket so are spreading the cost but still remaining loyal to the club buy buying a11 season ticket and 2 x 5`s

I still feel a season ticket holder as I have for the last couple of seasons but am going to miss out on a great idea because of the credit crunch

Going back to the idea Xmas is perfect as many of us will be sitting around family and friends houses thinking what the hell to do for the day, bring a friend

I've donated a ticket recently and I'm really glad that it is going to be used in this way.
Thanks to all involved with this idea."

"This is an excellent use of resources."

"One of the things that I see as important in this is not the tickets but the desire to co-operate with the ownership. There are so many times when we complain of feeling used. The way to change that is by rewarding with success initiatives that bring us and the local supporters closer together.

By the way, this is also an initiative that rewards our best allies. Without ST holders this year we would have been wading through the problems we face now a few months ago. Season Tickets are hugely important to the lifeblood of the club. Let's show those who make the commitment to get Season tickets that we appreciate that."
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