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Posted by Ian Dickety - 06 December 09, 21:29
Feedback of BOSS Meeting, Thurday 3rd December

Thanks to all those that were able to attend about 30!! A great result and good to be able to put faces to names and email addresses!

Also thanks to Duncan, Liam, Phil Sonsara (EUFC Board), Jessica (MyFC & EUFC Boards & Fleet Trust) and Peter Danzey (Club Secretary) for finding the time to come along, contribute and listen.

Although some of the items are out of the scope of what BOSS have been doing I know that the input won’t be lost.

Obviously not everything is going to happen at once but hopefully we have bought one or two items to the fore. I know the initiative to invite groups from local Junior Football Teams is getting under way already and it will mirror the successful visit from a junior club at the Mansfield game organised by Kenny.

The BOSS philosophy is only do what we know we can do with the resources available and not to over commit – see Liam’s words of wisdom below!!!


Door to Door Mailer (including discount voucher) – Campaign to local Wembley attendees is in hand.
Future campaigns identified - all households within walking distance of Stonebridge Road and/or specific areas (e.g. Swanscombe, Riverview Park, Greenhithe, Painters Ash etc.).

BOSS Business Competition – Duncan suggested we offer a reward/prize to the business with the most Discount Vouchers used.

Goalden Goal Lottery –Encourage BOSS pubs and businesses to sell EUFC “Goalden Goal” lottery tickets.

Action - Steve Miles to provide Jessica with details of all pubs/businesses working with BOSS. Jessica will pass to Cliff Egan (lottery organiser) and he will approach all our contacts to sell our Lottery tickets. Money collected directly DD (no money to collect by business). Businesses get £10 for each new Lottery member. 1000 members in the scheme would gross £23,000 per annum for the Fleet.

MyFC Free Tickets – Invite groups from local junior football teams to Stonebridge Road and offer a quality Matchday experience.

Action – Determine contents of “package” to be offered plus identify the logistics and our capacity to manage on Matchdays. Identify local clubs to invite and aim to launch at Histon game.

Selling Commercial Packages to BOSS Businesses - Ask Wicksy to put together a single page handout summarising all Fleet Commercial opportunities to be handed out by to BOSS businesses. Agree with Wicksy how to follow up.

Fund Raising joint venture with Gravesend Veterans Club – The Veterans Club would be happy to help raise money for the club. As a registered charity they may be able to use this status on our behalf. Liaise with Vic Ribbons.

Publish List of Discount Voucher Outlets to inform supporter where vouchers can be obtained. Publish in programme and local press.

Matchday Experience – The club need to improve the Matchday Experience e.g. entertainment, better facilities in club bar, welcoming attitude from club staff/security etc.

Capitalise on Relationships with Eurostar & Gravesham Council – for displaying posters and distributing vouchers etc. Brian Glover to contact Network South East who manage Ebbsfleet Station

Family Area – Liam said that McDonalds had worked with other clubs and funded the fitting out of a family area (banked seating etc.) – “the McDonalds Stand”. Query use corner area between away end and Stonebridge Road Terrace.

Plan & Don’t Over Commit – Liam emphasised the importance of planning each activity and not to over commit.