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Posted by Brian Glover - 08 November 09, 19:05
BOSS Squad Update

The BOSS Squad is gathering strength. Read the latest news here and see how you can help.

BOSS Goes That Bit Further

The concept of BOSS (Bums on seats squad) was to build a team of local volunteers to help with local marketing. The only qualification to join the team is to be a Fleet Supporter who cares. There is no need to understand the internet, belong to MyFC or the Fleet Trust. BOSS is a Fleet trust initiative.

Matchday Posters - The prime role of BOSS is to get matchday posters put up regularly in pubs, clubs and businesses throughout the Ebbsfleet area.  We now have a team of over 20 volunteers getting posters up in 120 sites including 70 pubs.  We also ensure Posters for the next game are put up around the ground for Matchdays.

Discount Vouchers - 5 weeks ago we launched the £2 Discount Voucher Scheme. Initially these have been made available at Stonebridge Road and in the two games since launch nearly 99 vouchers have been used by 87 different individuals.  This represents about 20% of the non season ticket holders.

The vouchers are now being distributed to our pubs/businesses displaying posters and appear every week in the Gravesend Reporter at no cost. It will be interesting to see the take up at the Wrexham game.

Working with the Pubs/Businesses - During November we will be distributing 2 complimentary Matchday tickets to our pubs and businesses in recognition of their support (as agreed as part of the Voucher Scheme). We hope this will seal our business relationship and encourage the pubs in particular to give the Fleet a higher profile.

Keeping in Touch - All 87 voucher users have either been emailed or mailed promoting the value of Mini Season Tickets and Junior Fleet membership. We also attached/enclosed a further discount voucher plus gave details of where vouchers could be obtained for the rest of the season. Of the 87 users we have 43 with email addresses.

The Missing Wembley Fans - The database of Wembley ticket purchasers includes nearly 1500 living in the Gravesend/Northfleet/Swanscombe/Greenhithe area.  We have no email addresses. BOSS are going to hand deliver a mailer to each address enclosing a discount voucher and with other information which will encourage them to support the club (content still not yet decided). These will go out in the 2nd week of November.

Combining Databases - We are now working to combine the three main databases - Voucher Users, Wembley Ticket Purchasers and Season Ticket holders. This will give us a database of nearly 2000 local fans. In addition we will bring in the non local Wembley database (not sure how many). This will give us the opportunity to keep in touch with our fans.

Who are the BOSS? These are the people who have made this happen;
  • Emily Connolly
  • Paul Lafferty
  • Ross Gorvan
  • Stuart Ballanger
  • Mick Willett
  • Marion Norman
  • Kenny Brooker
  • Jo Saunders
  • Colin & Lesley Buggs
  • Vic Ribbons
  • Stewart (Fred) Fowler
  • Rod Rixson
  • Patrick Hurley
  • Kathryn Mann
  • Glenn Finch
  • David Rutnam
  • Peter Harding
  • Max Fisher
  • Tony Hall
  • Chris Blanc
  • Mike Moyes
  • Rob Mucci
  • Andrew Charlton
  • Patrick Connolly (printing)
  • Steve Fair (Artwork)
  • Brian Glover/Paul Jarvis  (Databases)
  • Paul Charnock - Arithon (Voucher Scheme/Database)
  • Cheryl & Rachel (office support)
CAN YOU HELP? If you live within 6 miles of Stonebridge Road and can spend less than an hour every couple of weeks helping the Fleet please contact Steve Miles at [email protected] or tel. 07710 540732
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