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Posted by Brian Glover - 15 November 07, 19:55
Supporters Direct Statement Regarding MyFC

Supporters Direct today issued the following statement about the imminent takeover of Ebbsfleet United Football Club by website consortium, 'Myfootballclub.co.uk':

Spokesperson Kevin Rye, said: "Fundamentally, playing fantasy manager is not about responsible democratic supporter representation or community ownership, which are the core values of the trust movement.

"Indeed we are one of the most vigorous exponents of reform of the ownership structures in football, but our interests are in long term sustainability and governance of clubs.

"This might be seen as a one off gimmick, and harmless enough by many, however this is a real football club, these are real finances, and real fans. The question needs to be asked what happens to the club finances and its supporters if the novelty starts to wear off?"