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Posted by Jessica McQueen - 01 September 08, 10:10
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I was delighted to make the presentation to Lance before the Mansfield game a few weeks ago. To have the England C keeper playing for E.U.F.C is of huge benefit to the team and Lance has shown what an outstanding keeper he is many, many times.

Apart from supporting the team and showing our appreciation in the time-honoured way, it is difficult to show any player how much we appreciate them. Lance was both surprised and delighted that his England success was recognised by us all and that he has the trophy to keep for the rest of his life.

With the cost of living and in particular the price of fuel on the increase, I suppose I should not be surprised that the numbers for away travel are increasing. You could have traveled to and from Rushden, Torquay and Lewes for just £45.00, not bad when you consider the number of miles. Sadly one or two people were disappointed and could not travel with us to Lewes as they left booking a seat until the very last minute and as it was over the bank holiday we were unable to change the mode of transport.

With games to Forest Green and Wrexham coming up on the 6th and 13th September respectively I think my advice would be to book early to avoid disappointment. It could not be easier simply pop over to the trust hut (next to the shop) and speak to Ian, who will be able to give leaving times a costs, a small deposit secures you place.

I would like to apologise if you have had to wait for us to print you shirt over the past couple of weeks. W3e have been helping out the club by printing the team shirts and this has of course taken up a significant amount of time. Hopefully we have almost completed them, so normal service will be resumed. The cost is the same as last year, so for just £10.00 you can have a name and number printed.

It has been pleasing over the last couple of weeks to see how many people have already paid their subscription to the Fleet Trust. There have also been a few new members which is hugely encouraging.

The Trust board is always looking for ways to encourage new members to join as well as the retention of existing members both of which are equally important to us. Some members have been with us from day one and we are really grateful to them for keeping the faith in the Trust and the TB. If you have allowed your membership to lapse, please think carefully about coming back, unless your details have changed you do not even have to fill in a membership form; your old membership is simply made-live again. We are also giving an FA trophy mug to everyone who joins/renews/re-joins, so not only are you supporting the Trust and the club but getting a lovely memento to keep from that great day we all shared in May this year.

Last but not least, congratulations to Sarah Jane, who was the successful candidate in the recent MyFC, SB election, to replace ChrisP who resigned recently. I am sure she will be a very good addition to the board and I look forward to working with her in the coming weeks and months.