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Posted by Jessica McQueen - 01 September 08, 10:05
Notes V Cambridge

It has certainly been a busy week: The vote that has recently taken place to decide up the future of John Akinde (to sell or not to sell) has certainly brought the MyFC project back in the public eye, with many headlines stating how many members had voted.

In all of this of course the main factor was did John wish to leave the club and take that big step up:

I suppose it would be un-realistic to think he would not. For the vast majority of members that was the main question and once they were re-assured that he did then I doubt anyone would really have not wanted to grant him his wish.

Of course he will be a hard act to follow, but I would presume there is much satisfaction within the coaching and management team, that John came through the Pace system and broke into the first team in such spectacular fashion. Liam did not over play him and even when most of us would have just stuck him in anyway, he was held back and allowed to grow in confidence to become the accomplished player he is today and this is why several clubs in the end were wishing to get him to put pen to paper. I think the whole episode has been managed perfectly and hopefully John will go on to do bigger and better things, the money coming to the club will be used to benefit the team and the club and we will have another favourite son to watch out for every week. Good luck John, from us all.

I attended a meeting a few days ago about the future of a new stadium for the club. As many of you will be aware the speculation has been rambling on for a few years as to the where and why, only on Saturday I was assured that the place the stadium was going to be built  had been decided and I was then told in total confidence where it was going to be. Well all I can say is, at the this moment in time no one has decided exactly where it will be, a few sites are being identified and talks are in progress, things are moving on and progress is being made but as to the actual site, no this had not be decided upon and I am sure all of you will understand that with the sensitivities that always surround getting planning permission and funding, all possible sites will be kept’ in strictest confidence until everything is signed and sealed. All I can say is that the people involved are as passionate as ever about this being a successful project and news will be given to you all at the first opportunity.

We have a few seats available for the Forest Green trip at the moment we have 24 people traveling down to Gloucester. We have the capacity for either 32 or 39 depending on the response from you tonight. The transport will either be two mini-buses or a 39 seater coach, but regardless of which mode, we will be leaving the ground at 10.00am sharp.

If you would like to travel with us, pop over to the Trust hut and speak to Ian.