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Posted by Mike Moyes - 30 May 12, 16:15
Parking For The Games

Ebbsfleet United are opening up their car park to give people the opportunity to use the facilities and enable them access to London via the Ebbsfleet Station.

The car park will be available to those wishing to use the facility from 7:00am until 24.00hrs and there is space for 100 cars every day (no overnight parking or camper vans)

The dates that parking is available are as follows:

Sunday 22nd July

Monday 23rd July

Tuesday 24th July

Wednesday 25th July

Thursday 26th July

Friday 27th July


Sunday 29th July

Monday 30th July

Tuesday 31st July

Wednesday 1st August

Thursday 2nd August

Friday 3rd August


Monday 6th August

Tuesday 7th August

Wednesday 8th August

Thursday 9th August

Once you have selected which day you wish to park and gone through the purchasing process, you will receive a confirmation email which you will need to present to gain entry to the car park.
No cash payments will be taken on the day.

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