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Posted by Mike Moyes - 20 April 12, 13:14
The Fleet Trust presents a Vision for the Future: The Review

A general record of the Trust meeting.

Graham welcomed everyone and gave a introduction.

Steve East gave a membership update confirming membership is up by 91 percent after the recent membership drive. He encouraged all the £10 members to consider upgrading their membership to red or gold and reminded members that ALL money dontated to the Trust goes to the club.

Phil Moss launched Corporate Membership which will be available to businesses for £250 a year. Benefits include logo and website link on Trust website, recognition on the Trust noticeboard and page in the programme, promotion to Trust members and individual membership of The Fleet Lounge at a discounted rate. Contact [email protected] for more details.

Phil then moved onto the updated Players Fund and explained we have a joint target with MYFC of £80,000 for the 2012/2013 season. Everyone was encouraged to setup the standing orders.

Jessica McQueen gave a financial update from the club confirming that the club almost went under in December 2011 but for some generous dontations and loans. The shortfall has reduced from £64,000 to £23,000 but there is still alot of work to be done. Members were clearly shocked at this news and the severity of the situation and a discussion was had about how to deal with the problem. Current initiative from the Trust is to encourage local supporters to donate via the Players Fund.

Liam Daish joined us for his "Vision For The Future". He explained how difficult it is to compete against teams with much higher budgets and how difficult it is to retain players who are only ever on a 1 year contract because of the financial situation. He clearly understands the situation the club is in and is wokring hard both on and off the pitch. He said player negotiations would start in May so the sooner the Players Fund pledges are known the easier it is to get an understanding of his true budget.

Emily Connolly led a discussion on how to improve attendances, what people want from the Trust and how the Trust can best help the club going forward. This was a lengthy discussion and anyone who has ideas can email her - [email protected]

72 members attended the meeting which lasted over 2.5 hours.
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