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Posted by Mike Moyes - 20 Febuary 12, 14:42
Another break in at the club! UPDATED

It never rains, it pours it seems. Only a week after the clubs groundsmans hut was broken into and important and expensive equipment taken, it seems that thieves have struck again.

This time it is the Tea hut and the door has been smashed and stock taken.

I have just spoke to club director Jessica who is very upset. The last few weeks have been very difficult as it is on the financial front and more incidents like this are both financially and emotionally draining.

The police have been informed and they are heading to the club as we speak. Let us hope the thieves are apprehended.

We have survived many set backs and won't be beaten by petty thieves.

Update from Jessica:

More bad news im afraid.

We only have part floodlights at the Stonebridge Road end of the ground the cable that supplies the power at the Swanscombe end has been cut and the cable stolen.

We also have no power in the burger bars, we are looking at what can be done and will report back.

They have taken two large areas of cable, one from the power house to flood lights at Swanscome end, one from power house to Burger bar onStonebridge Road side of the ground.

We are moving all the frozen foods out as we speak, so hopefully we can save as much as we can. We will probably have to hire in a mobile for Sat, but not the end of the world.

The approx length is a total of around 500', so a lot, more than the length of the football pitch. It is 4 core armoured cable, plus two waterproof joints.

We are contacting John Moore from OCO as this will need to be done professionally and the cable buried. We are covered on Insurance but this is a major problem and we all need to keep supporting each other.

The staff are being brilliant but is has been a big blow to us.


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