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Posted by Ian Dickety - 11 November 11, 23:45
Donate to Clint Easton's operation

As many of you are aware, Clint Easton hasn't featured for The Fleet due to injury since the 3-2 victory over Braintree back on August 29th. The cause of the injury was initially unknown but was recently diagnosed as a cartilage problem in Clint's knee. This requires an operation which the NHS would not be able to perform any time soon, and as recently as yesterday morning it was feared that Clint would be out for the remainder of the season.

The EUFC board were informed that a slot for the operation was available at a private hospital for the operation to be performed today, with the prognosis being that he would be back in contention for a place in the EUFC first team in just 6-8 weeks. The cost of the operation would be £3500. The next available booking would not be available for at least a month. The EUFC directors, in discussion with manager Liam Daish agreed that this opportunity was too good to miss and booked the appointment late last night.

Unfortunately the cost of this operation is not covered by the health insurance the club has in place so this is an extra cost to add to the budget for this season. If you would like to donate towards the operation then you can do so by clicking the donate button below.

EUFC Board member Jessica McQueen stated "Having a player sidelined through injury, especially as our squad is relatively small inevitably makes Liam's job more difficult. The opportunity to get Clint's knee repaired and start the healing process was decided yesterday once we along with Liam were aware of all the facts. Getting a player of Clint's quality back in contention will certainly give everyone a boost."

EUFC Chairman Phil Sonsara added: "Not only is Clint a valuable asset on the pitch, his experience around the club is appreciated by everyone. He is also an important person in terms of his positive manner with the other players."

We appreciate your support.

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