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Posted by Mike Moyes - 17 August 11, 12:18
Fleet Trust Roof Challenge

Anyone who watches the game from the Stonebridge Road stand like I do will know the perils of those stray balls hitting the roof. How often do we brush ourselves down and blow the dust out of our Bovril? Well now’s your chance to do something about it!!

We have found a local builder who will repair the roof, all we need to do is raise £12,000. Now we all know that this is no small sum so the Trust are setting you a challenge: -

If 200 people donate £50 each then the Trust will donate the extra £2,000

You can donate as an individual, in groups or as a business. You can donate more than £50 but we ask you to do this in £50 increments as part of this challenge.

I know we’ve been asking you to donate a lot of money recently, I’m normally the one shaking a bucket at you but this is a chance to be part of Fleet history. Everyone who donates will also be given the chance to buy a name board (prices to be confirmed) which will be attached to the back of the Stonebridge Road stand. You can put your name, your groups’ name or business name but more importantly your name will be there, will be part of the stand and part of the club for years to come. All name boards will be put up once the £12,000 is raised and we’ll be putting them where everyone can see them meaning you can come along and take your picture next to your board.

We’re starting the challenge off here today and I’ll be taking it to the forums, to MyFootballClub, to local businesses, even to Liam and the players!

We’ll update you in a few weeks’ time with the price of the name boards and then we’ll be ready to take donations, so start picturing your name up there on the famous Stonebridge Road stand. We’ll also let you know how and where to donate.

This offer will be limited to the first 200 donations, so if you’re keen to get your name down on the list or want any more information e mail me – [email protected] or come and see me on the terraces.

Emily Connolly
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